MONEY BOX: A Simple and Fun Approach to Save Money

The Money Box is Similar to an Internet Piggy Bank; It Operates in the Same Way

Money Box is a savings account where you can put money away for whatever purpose you choose. Opening and withdrawing funds from a Money Box is completely free. It’s simple to save money in a Money Box, and the process is gratifying. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn how much money you’ve accumulated in your Money Box!

You may earn Money Box points in the following ways:

  • by making one-off deposits
  • by saving when paying with a card

You may also quickly set up a mutual fund portfolio and receive a higher return on your savings in Money Box. Whether you’re saving for a holiday, a new computer, an electric bicycle, or anything else along those lines, Money Box allows you to save for your everyday aspirations effortlessly and without even thinking about it.

Save When Paying with a Card

When paying with the following OP cards, you may automatically save in your Money Box: Visa Credit/Debit, Visa Gold, Visa Debit, Visa Basic, and Visa Electron.

When you pay with your card, AutoSave has activated automatically and a pre-determined amount will be transferred to your Money Box goal every time. If you have several saving goals, each target may have its own specific amount that will be sent when you make a payment using your Visa Credit/Debit or Visa Gold card. The transfer is done when you use the debit functionality on a Visa Credit/Debit or Visa Gold card.

To Begin Investing in Mutual Funds, Use a Money Box

Instead of keeping your money in a bank account, put it to use. Money Box is an easy method to get started investing in mutual funds. Your extra savings will be moved from your Money Box account to the fund you choose when you set up a mutual fund investing in Money Box. Because the assets are invested in bond or equity markets, mutual fund assets have a greater expected return than accounts over the long term.

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